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 Nice to meet You!

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PostSubject: Nice to meet You!   Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:12 pm

Hi and Welcome to Pinoy Beetle Breeders! I am Mushiking , The Administrator and one of the Founders of Pinoy Beetle Breeders. I am very much interested in Beetles, LOVE the magnificent insects, mostly the Coleoptera and Lucinadae Species. For my other profile stuff, you could search in the members, type in my username and you could know me. I wish to hear from you guys, So kindly introduce here. Very Happy

So, what is the main reason why I did put up this community for us Pinoys? You know, for over the past years I have just notice that we do not have Beetles as pets or even a Beetle Pet Breeder Society or something. We have already Scorpions, Arachnids, Stick insects, Butterflies and even Roaches as Pets or hobbies. So why not also Beetles? Hey, for me, they are really awesome, cool and very much impressive. Did you know that it is the only invertebrate in the world that can lift twice the weight of an Elephant? I really want to know If there are also Beetle lovers, breeders / rearers or Enthusiasts in our country. So in order for me to that, I have decided to put up Pinoy Beetle Breeders. Just like in Pinoy Pet Finder Community, This forums is to unite and create a community that is responsible, dedicated and lovers of these particular creatures. Other Countries mostly Japan, USA, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand has already this kind of Communities / Organizations which caters to the protection, sharing of ideas, giving the importance and breeding of beetles. I do believe that there are some hobbyists, lovers and breeders like me who is out there! So please join in and be a part of our growing community!

I'll just see you around in the Boards! Many thanks in advance!

Mushiking - Administrator
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Nice to meet You!
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