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 Food and Typical Diet for Beetles

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PostSubject: Food and Typical Diet for Beetles   Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:13 am

Many of the Dynastes Beetles are giants so to quench their appetite you must have the right food for them... As we all know our local beetles eat coco meat and sap and others eat sugarcane sap...

In other country they feed them apples or bananas which is their favorite food but bananas tend to become stinky and very dirty when it is sitting there for days... so People in other country such as Germany and Japan made food that is exclusively for beetles... Its the BEETLE JELLY... But for now I think using the product here in the Philippines is rather difficult since it is expensive... I tried using the product and it turned out that beetles like it and they tend to have a longer life....

Other people tried to make Beetle Jelly and succeeded but they say it doesn't last long ( the jelly, not the beetle... ) tongue tongue So I think If Beetles in Philippines become popular I think theres a possibility that we can import or should I say make Beetle Jelly for our beloved beetles... So I guess that we should stick with the natural diet until we have enough people who are raising and rearing beetles that it would get the attention of the local Jelly makers and make Beetle Jellies in the Philippines.

We are still hoping that the Beetle Mania becomes wide spread through out the Philippines....
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Food and Typical Diet for Beetles
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