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PostSubject: CHALCOSOMA ATLAS   Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:26 pm

The Famed 3 Horned Beetle... These species are one of the massive beetle are found in the forest of our country as well as the neighboring country especially in Indonesia... Chacosoma Atlas is also known to many as the Atlas Beetlle. The feature of this beetle are quite similar with its cousins the Chalcosoma Caucasus, and Chalcosoma Mollenkampi with a slight difference with the cephalic and thoracic horns. The distinct feature of an Atlas is their cephalic horn which is broadened at the end and is lacking a dorsal spine on it... On the other hand the thoracic horns of C. mollenkampi curve distinctively downward, readily distinguishing it from both C. atlas and C. caucasus. Also, the form of the cephalic horn is different, and does not bear the widened, rather sharply curved terminal hook which is typical of C. atlas.

Like the other Dynastidae Species, the Chalcosoma Atlas is also sexually dimorphic. Like other Dynastidae the female entirely lack horns which the males use like deers locking horns. Their larval stages last for a year or two. Larvae of a chalcosoma species are very aggressive, they have a very strong mandibles and sometimes if you are not careful enough, you will find yourself shouting and jumping because your skin was ripped with a single bite form the larvae. Those mandibles are used to chew up decaying wood. so it would not be hard to chew up human skin. So when handling the Chalcosoma larvae take an extra care so that accidents wont happen...
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