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 Beetles 101

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PostSubject: Beetles 101   Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:49 pm

All of us surely have different kinds of pets. A variety of pets such as dogs, birds, fishes, spiders, scorpions, etc. that have different and special characteristics to us owners, are fascinating and as we can say "Amazing". But have you ever imagine owning a pet that is somehow very,very unique and relatively amazing in many ways rather than the usual ones? I couldn't argue with pet owners like you having your beloved pets with their abilities or talents, but for me, having Beetles as a pet is somewhat cooler and much more fantastic. I do have some fishes but all they can do is eat, swim, grow big again eat, swim and grow big. I am somehow bored with them but I still love them. You might think that having Beetles as pets are very difficult to own. Wrong! All you need are the right information, the tools and the Beetles of course and your set to go. If your already a veteran rearer, it easy as one-two-three right? But what about for the newbies who are not yet familiar or just curious?I Hope this thread will help you in breeding/rearing and having Beetles as your pets.

A run through to the Beetle breed 101 Guide:

First: Knowing Who they are. Beetles are very gentle creatures in nature, they don't bite, they don't sting or even cause massive panic. If your afraid of insects, maybe owning a Beetle can cure your insectophobia and you'll change your mind about this creatures.Fact:(They are only aggressive if threaten or in danger - They could squeeze you so hard with their horns and their grasp is so strong) also if your not nice to them. They are also cute and tough looking. TRUE!

Second: What kind of Environment do they live in? Beetles really love tropical climates. Like our neighboring countries which are Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia, the Philippines are perfect for most of the Dynastae, Lucinadae and Flower Beetle Species. Some of these species prefer cooler climates but I think thats not much of a problem here in the Philippines. Nothing is impossible here.

Third: What are the Food and nutrients they eat? Beetles love fruit and tree saps. They prefer to suck juices mostly from fruits like coconut or tuba, banana, apples etc. and also they like some veggies. They also eat decaying woods and mostly substrate when they are still in larvae form. Additional detail information are discussed in the Beetle Food Diet and Nutrition Thread.
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Beetles 101
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